Rules of Usage

The Bonanza Pass Recreational Area is a multi-use recreational area. Please respect the land and wildlife by leaving the smallest footprint possible. No garbage.

All Motorized Vehicle Users:

  • Restrict use to main roads only as posted on the BPRA maps.
  • Snowmobilers are asked to stay off the ski trails, posted ski areas, and the non motorized side of roads.
  • ATV users are asked to drive carefully.



  • This area is not supervised and is to be used at your own risk.
  • Cellphone coverage is unreliable. Do not travel alone
  • Showshoers are asked to walk and keep well away from ski tracks.
  • Be Bear Aware.
  • Keep dogs off the steeper trails. These trails are narrow and dogs pose a risk to skiers on the downhill run.
  • Report wildfires by calling *5555
  • Users should be prepared for all situations.

Please see the “Notice Board”  in the parking lot for detailed information on :

Trails use, Membership, Contacts, and Warnings