About Us

The Friends of Bonanza Pass is a group of volunteers from various clubs and organizations that over the past 20 years have developed a trail system at Bonanza Pass for the purpose of cross country skiing, back country skiing and snow shoeing.


Bonanza Pass Recreation Area

Some of the the ski trails are logging roads while others are narrow trails cut through the forest. Users of this trails should be aware that these narrower trails have been developed to offer a back-country touring experience: thus the terrain and vegetation have been minimally altered and track setting by machine has not been attempted nor is it considered desirable. We value a natural skiing experience and consider trail breaking an excellent form of exercise.

All the ski trails are named after stellar constellations which are prominent in the winter sky. The trails are rated in difficulty from EASY to MODERATE to TOUGH. Users of the area should be aware that steeper trails, which can be safely skied in fresh new powder, can be hazardous in adverse conditions. Generally, the trails can be divided into two groupings: EASY to MODERATE trails which follow the flatter terrain around the base of Bonanza Hill (Mt. Grenville), and the MODERATE to TOUGH trails which follow the slopes of the mountain. Trails 1 through 3 are in the easier category and the other trails should be considered more difficult and suitable only for experienced skiers. Touring skis with metal edges and skins may be required for the TOUGH trails.

Users of these ski trails agree to ACCEPT the RISKS involved in back country skiing and to ABSOLVE the Friends of the Bonanza Pass Recreational Area, who maintain them, from any RESPONSIBILITY in case of accident and misadventure.

Enjoy and Thank You for your Cooperation and Support

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